The article in the Aiken Standard on Saturday that detailed some concerns that self-identified "black leaders" have expressed about some school districts using the MLK holiday as a make up day is not reflective of my thoughts or the thoughts of any rational person who has taken an objective look at the issue. Although school officials in Aiken County chose not to use the MLK holiday as a make up day, other school districts may not have had the leeway to make that same decision. The Southern states have had some very unusual weather in late 2010 and early 2011. There is the possibility that more bad weather will be experienced before the winter season ends. There are only a limited number of days, including holidays, that can be used as make up days. If the available make up days are not used, the school year will extend into the summer months, and no one wants that to happen. The alleged controversy is without merit, and it should be ignored. Perhaps enlightened teachers will use the MLK day to talk about Dr. King's legacy, and the impact that his life had on the United States and other countries. Moses Mims Aiken