Letters to the Editor

Jim McGaughy just doesn't get it! His hate for our president is so all consuming that he misses the mark on all levels.

The president disagreed with John Bolton on the risk associated with the North Koreans missile launches; he didn't undermine him. Trump likes to flatter his opponent into submission rather than addressing him with force. He sometimes uses the opposite tactic with opponents.

Kim Jong Un was correct about Biden's IQ; no one can disavow that fact but McGaughy.

Why isn't McGaughy stressed about the situation at the border where hundreds of thousands of illegals have just recently crossed our borders and are taking up residence in our country? The next step is our welfare roles, adding to the homeless population which in California is starting to exceed the general population. Who is going to pay for all this?

Our prisons are stressed to the breaking point with illegals and they are not incarcerated because they are illegal; they are there because they broke the law!

Where is his outrage over the law in Virginia that allows the killing of babies in the later stages of pregnancy?

No, he is more concerned about what our president says and how he says it. We are so tired of reading his weekly diatribe about our president. All I can say is get used to it for five more years. I don't know if I can live through 5 more years of his letters, come to think of it!

Earl Bennett