Letters to the Editor

A recent letter writer was confused, baffled and at a loss to understand the widespread dislike for Trump. Well, there are many Americans whose concerns about our country are not defined by a bullish stock market. Some are rationing their medications because of an inability to afford a prohibitively expensive refill from pharmaceutical companies that have no cap on what they may charge and there are medical bankruptcies because of hospital charges.

Many seem to have adopted our leader’s mantra – make as much money as you can and any way you can. Then, other people are alarmed by his appointment of inexperienced stoolies to government posts. (Their qualifications having been generous donors to his election.)

I and surely many others are heartsick over his policy of small immigrant children taken and confined in desert encampments. Just a brief mention of our young people struggling under the usurious college debt. The reasons for Trump’s dislike are many and varied but of deepest concern is the extreme divisiveness of our nation which he created and continues to widen with his hate-filled rhetoric against anyone having the temerity to speak against him. His treatment was vindictive and humiliating against the decorated war hero, Lt. Col. Vindman.

A disgraceful episode.

To briefly clear the letter writers confusion, I think Trump has earned enmity against him because he is amoral, dishonest, manipulative, untruthful and has debased the respect and dignity of the office of the presidency.

Maxine Dexter