Letters to the Editor

We’re paying the taxes!

We raised our kids, got them through school and, for many, through college, as well. Now we’re grandparents or empty nesters and we’re supposed to shut up and let the parents of school-aged children run the schools. We are no longer smart enough or “woke” enough to understand today’s world. After all, we’re the “Boomers,” raised by the Greatest Generation. We defeated the Soviet Union and brought democracy to Western Europe.

Today’s youth – they’re tearing down statues of American founders, Washington, Lincoln, Grant and more. But they are listening to the likes of Karl Marx, Lenin, Saul Alinsky and Noam Chomsky. They are being taught by the acolytes of these men. Why is the statue of Lenin still standing in Seattle? Better yet, why is it there in the first place?

Our students are not being taught American history or what we used to call civics. They don’t learn about the Constitution because teachers today are more interested in tearing down our country than teaching about it. The New York Times hates this country so much that they have printed revisionist American history in its 1619 Project. Worse yet, they’re placing it in schools.

The reason these Marxists are tearing down statues is because they don’t know our history, don’t know who these men were and what they meant to our country. This is also the way Communism works. Destroy the past. Destroy the church. Sound familiar? Yes, if you studied any history you would know. How did the French Revolution work out? If you don’t know history, you’re bound to repeat it.

The reason for this epistle is that I’m trying to encourage grandparents and empty nesters to re-engage with the school system. Part of our real estate taxes go to funding our school system. If we’re paying taxes, we should have a say in how they are being used. I think we fought a war over something like this. Make sure that we know who is running for the school board. Make sure they hire Superintendents who are willing to have American history and the Constitution taught. If they feel we are not entitled to have a say, then since we no longer have kids in school, maybe we should not have to pay that portion of our taxes that funds schools. If you are a university alum, push for reforms. Get rid of “studies” programs. If you are an alum college contributor, let them know, if things don’t get better, no contributions.

Now I know many of you are afraid to “interfere” because you’re afraid of losing your grandchildren. Well you’re losing them. We’re retired now. We’ve got the time. Let’s get up off our collective backsides and save American education from the “America was never greaters”! Let’s make what American education was when we went to school – great.

John Karas