Letters to the Editor

Why wouldn’t the congressional delegation support the worthless Lindsey Graham? He, as well as themselves, haven’t done a thing for the state of South Carolina. Our interstate highways are crumbling, our bridges are in disrepair, our education is at the bottom of the list. This goes on and on about what they are supposed do for our state.

Remember when Fitz Hollings had a billboard on I-95 that said Mr. Graham refused to take the $2 billion the federal gas tax that is on every gallon of gas you buy, let me repeat, Mr. Graham refused to take the $2 billion of the federal gas tax that is on every gallon of gas you buy.

Mr. Graham and all the congressional delegation members love the TV time and newspaper articles about themselves. Have they once said they have good news for the state of South Carolina?

Lets not talk about the Savannah River Site that is really history. MOX was great for the French because they had so many engineers working out there.

Viva la France.

I must say that I find that the state of South Carolina is still living in the 1800s where you don’t count but only the elite are served.

The stock market is now running the country. We had the stock market in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s, but they didn’t run the country. We ran the country.

All I can say is vote for the person who will do for South Carolina and if they don’t, vote them out too. To be a good citizen of America, it takes time to work.

Just a footnote about the stock market, there are billions of shares traded every day. Are you good at math?

Ray Glinski