Letters to the Editor

Trade wars are easy to win. Tens of billions of dollars are coming in from China. A transformation of wealth from China to the U.S. Life is good but his chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow had a different view in a television interview. Disagreeing with the president, does he want to get fired?

The president didn’t tell the truth exactly. The importers of the Chinese goods, this country’s businesses, have to pay those tariffs which raises their costs. They may be able to absorb some of the extra costs but they then have to pass on some to the consumer. So far, most Americans have not been affected by the trade war but rural Americans, like the farmers in the Midwest, have really been hit. The $11 billion last year and $16 billion this year will help keep their vote in 2020.

I would love to halfway believe this president, at least sometimes. The lies started day one and never let up. The inauguration crowd was the largest ever, well OK, who cares. Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser, stated it was “alternative facts” on one issue. It took me a little while to figure that one out. Then it came to me. A lie is a lie no matter what you call it.

Trump is a stable genius and a master deal maker so he has said. The North Korean nuclear negotiations haven’t produced any promise of their giving up their weapons. I thought after the love letters from Kim Jong Un that it might happen. Only kidding.

I believe world leaders have Trump figured out, flatter him, feed his ego and put him on the world stag with multiple photo-ops. You can sell him a bill of goods, especially if you are a ruthless dictator such as Kim or Putin. Don’t bring up Helsinki.

Jim McGaughy