Letters to the Editor

We are very grateful to members of the Aiken County Sheriff's Office for their rapid response to our 911 call last week reporting our mother-in-law/mother missing. Officers Poindexter, Thomas, Canelego, Dailey and Turner were in our driveway within 15 minutes of our placing the call.

Five minutes after they arrived at our home another officer reported on the radio that they had found her in the woods. It was late in the day and we were quite worried that it would be getting dark soon.

Officer Thomas stayed with us until the EMS checked her out.

EMT Goodhart and Paramedic Curry evaluated her and cleaned and bandaged a cut on her hand that she sustained in a fall in the woods. The whole team could not have been more caring and professional. I am sure there are other members of the sheriff's office who were involved that I missed their names or did not see them directly. Thanks to all for their wonderful service.

The residents of Aiken County should be rest assured that they are well served by the Aiken County sheriff's department!

Barry and Lisa Roberts