Election letter

Having known a multitude of people in my lifetime and career, I am a pretty good judge of a person’s character. I have learned to not only listen to what people say but also to watch what people actually do.

Being a neighbor of John and Kathy Klecker for many years now, my wife and I feel blessed to have them in our lives. They care about their neighbors, their neighborhood and their city; they show how much they care by their tireless involvement in community activities.

Yes, John has held responsible executive positions in the field of finance; his expertise will undoubtedly be extremely helpful to our citizens in keeping our city financially healthy. But most importantly to my wife and me, John is a man of good character.

We appreciate his willingness to serve District 3 as city councilman; however, we appreciate even more that the Kleckers are neighbors we trust and count upon. They are good folks.

Neal and Dorothy Thompson