Election letter

Some of the biggest challenges facing Aiken today involve city infrastructure deficiencies. The scope and expense of addressing deferred maintenance and the need for new sewer, water and stormwater lines (more than$200 million), and repair/upgrading of roads (more than $100 million) are sobering. Too much has been put off for too long, and while actions by the city and state in recent years have been very helpful, there are still massive challenges ahead.

Road issues are further complicated in that many problematic roads in town are also state highways, and getting work started – and completed – on those is often frustrating and subject to delays. This is partially due to the S.C. Department of Transportation bureaucracy, and possibly project overload. Even projects with committed funding suffer seemingly absurd delays.

John Klecker, in his past professional positions, has gained vast experience and has been successful in executing the planning, funding and implementation of very large projects. His ability to analyze complex issues and coordinate disparate parties, would help create viable solutions to our infrastructure challenges. John Klecker is the person we need on City Council.

Sam Downing