Letters to the Editor

In January, Rep. Joe Wilson spoke out publicly in opposition to offshore drilling and seismic testing. He said his son, S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson, swayed his opinion. A little over six months later, Rep. Wilson had a chance to walk the walk, but his actions didn’t match his words.

The U.S. House had a few measures up for a vote to block funding without a drilling plan in place and another measure that would block all federal funding for offshore oil and seismic testing, including in South Carolina’s waters. Wilson voted to allow funding without a five-year plan in place and voted against the measure to block funding.

Ultimately, Congress voted to block funding and keep protections in place so that oil drilling and seismic testing doesn’t move forward without a plan in place – both measures in opposition to offshore drilling. Rep. Wilson’s voted in favor of seismic testing and offshore drilling, not in accordance with his public opposition in solidarity with Gov. McMaster, the majority of our state legislators, the majority of South Carolina voters, and the S.C. Attorney General.

Seismic testing and offshore drilling threaten our wildlife, coastal communities and economy. If Congressman Joe Wilson is going to speak publicly against offshore drilling and seismic blasting, I hope his next opportunity to vote puts his actions in line with his words.

Teresa Harper