Letters to the Editor

I received a letter on May 19 with a letterhead stating it was from The White House. The subject was "Your Economic Impact Payment Has arrived." The notice date was April 29.

My impact payment arrived two weeks ago into my bank account. Why the letter now, I don't know. The notice goes on to praise every citizen in the country and to say we will rise to new heights of greatness.

"We will do it together, as one nation, stronger than ever before."

Mr. Trump has a real problem giving any credit where it really belongs, and that is with his seldom mentioned savior Jesus Christ. Now I know that if on the other foot the Democrats had control the mention of a savior would never happen.

Mr. Trump, you are my president and you have my 2020 vote but if you really want to protect this nation tell the people to praise Jesus Christ for what's been done to help them, not the people like me who has done nothing but receive undeserved cash for free. And tell your people not to send out notices two weeks after the facts. It looks bad spending that much postage.

David Ackerson