Letters to the Editor

In his recent column on April 29, Mr. Jack DeVine continues the analogy of Trump as a “wartime” president in his efforts against the coronavirus. And as DeVine states, “The wartime analogy may seem trite.” Yes, Mr. DeVine, it is trite.

DeVine’s current and past comparisons of Trump to leaders like Winston Churchill, who personally fought in two of England’s wars and led his WWII fight against Nazi Germany is unrealistic. DeVine’s then compares Trump to “carry a big stick” Teddy Roosevelt, the man who charged up San Juan Hill to defeat the Spanish in Cuba. Roosevelt’s big stick was a Springfield rifle. Trump’s big stick is a golf club, and his bone spurs don’t seem to impede his game. Trump, as we all know was a no-show in the Vietnam War and when asked on national TV why he did not serve, he replied “I did not like that war.”

No, please Mr. DeVine, don’t try to compare Trump to great men like Churchill and Roosevelt.

And then we have DeVine’s prolific use of the term “war or wartime” throughout his recent writings. Apparently he believes that by saying war or wartime, he will mesmerize us to believing the coronavirus is a wartime issue. The coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic; a health issue that will take the strategic efforts of world leaders to eradicate this disease.

America is now the leader of coronavirus infections and deaths. What a sad distinction for the world’s leading country.

Wartime is when a nation and its people are committed to go to war, meaning all 50 states under one leader. Regrettably, Trump has made it clear that he does not want the responsibility to lead our nation’s efforts to combat the coronavirus disease. Trump has forfeited his authority to act as our national leader and left the states to act on their own.

Trump has made it clear that the federal government can be called upon only “as a last resort.” Now, I’ll ask this question of you readers, at the breakout of WWII do you think Churchill would have said to Scotland or Ireland or Wales, you boys go fight the Nazi’s and England will be available as a last resort? I think not.

It’s impossible to understand DeVine’s statements of Trump as a “wartime” leader. Possibly DeVine believes it can help Trump at the polls and the upcoming election. DeVine’s recent comments have taken the direction of devoting more of his word space to extolling the virtues of men like Churchill and Roosevelt. These men, unlike Trump, took charge of their countries fight and led their people through devastating circumstances and prevailed. In extolling the virtues of men like Churchill and Roosevelt, DeVine must be hoping his audience will catch a glimpse of Trump as a comparison to these great men. Again, I think not.

Fred Hoefle