Letters to the Editor

Before our military intervention in Iraq (on “false” intelligence) it was the average Middle Eastern country – economically stable with large oil reserves and peaceful except for their always-simmering religious rift ongoing since the seventh century. Even so, Sunnis and Shias lived side by side and even intermarried, and like other countries in the Middle East, had a one-man ruler and Saddam Hussein was a despotic ruler.

We high-handedly decided to topple Saddam but found that a democracy is not made by merely killing a dictator. The Iraqis were left with no government in place. The country was and is a disaster. We have made every mistake in the book and it continues – Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria and now we threaten Iran’s destruction.

Iraq has found the danger of letting the camel’s nose into the tent and now wants the U.S. out of their country. There is about as much chance of ousting the U.S. as the Jewish people’s chance in wanting the Roman occupiers out of their country in Biblical times.

The Iraqis could have the choice of their old times or their present country with over a million of their countrymen dead and many thousands that have fled the horrors of a bombed-out land. I expect they would prefer even those old times with Saddam.

Occupying armies are always hated as we would hate having a foreign army occupying our country.

Maxine Dexter