Letters to the Editor

There are many reasons why Aiken was named Best Small Town by Southern Living Magazine last year, and the encore performance of Elvis Presley’s music at the Etherredge Center proved that the Aiken Heart Board and University Theatre are shining examples of the talent Aiken is blessed to have. The quality and musicality of the soloists, the chorus and the band gave Broadway a real run for its money. It was an emotion filled evening for those of us fortunate to be in the midst of all that artistry. The show gave us a very needed break from the distinctively dirty nature of today’s political spitting contest taking over the national news, and deserves to be acknowledged.

Of course kudos must include all the people who are involved with a production of that magnitude. The writer and director, assistant director, lighting technical and sound producers, stage crew and every single person behind the scenes are a huge reason for the success. In this case, it seemed that Elvis himself had a hand in the music, and if you closed your eyes, he would be up there.

The extreme pleasure given to us at the wonderful Etherredge Center by this group of people is not just for their own pleasure, or to share their talents with the community, but is literally heart-warming for their ongoing support of the American Heart Association. I thank each and every one of you for your time, energy, enthusiasm and exceptional talent.

Molly C. Gray