Letters to the Editor

As we remember the South Carolinians killed at Emmanuel AME, Mr. Law wrote that Moms Demand Action does not belong in a small Southern town like Aiken.

Perhaps he missed the headline about the student who brought a gun to Chukker Creek Elementary. Or missed the news on June 20 in Greenville, a 2-year-old killed himself with a gun he found in his home or the story from Atlanta where a child found a gun in a purse and shot a sibling. This isn’t just happening in far-off liberal cities, but in our charming Southern towns.

I wish Mr. Law had engaged us in conversation at Wear Orange. Our group has gun owners and non-gun owners, Republicans and Democrats. We aren’t advocating taking guns away. We want to talk with our neighbors about gun safety and common sense regulation.

It seems like South Carolinians agree. According to a recent poll by Winthrop, 80% are in favor of background checks. Why haven’t our legislators done anything? Other states have closed the Charleston loophole. Why haven’t we?

Mr. Law and neighbors: Let’s take an honest look in the mirror, set aside partisanship and ask how we holding our legislators and ourselves accountable for gun safety in our state, our communities and our homes.

Veronica Andreassen-Barker