Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your very interesting reporting on the issues of gun control and the candidate's views.

I found the vagueness of the candidates responses very disheartening. The call for expanded background checks is ludicrous since these checks are poorly carried out now, so we increase the quantity without the quality.

"Raise the age to 21 to buy military-style weapons"? Why should anyone of any age, or anyone non-military, buy military-style weapons?

"Require domestic abusers, etc. to turn over guns." Really? How many domestic violence victims have been told that nothing can be done until a crime is committed? How many restraining orders are ignored? What ivory tower are these people living in, totally out of touch but yet pandering.

Absolutely no mention of education in the use and safety of firearms. But let's arm teachers and add police duties to their overloaded job description.

"Support red flag laws." So they are unsupported now? When a child is exhibiting signs of trouble in first grade, these same overextended teachers have to jump through hoops to be listened to, if they even realize there is a "red flag." Many jobs now have psychological evaluations done on prospective employees. Why aren't parents and children given this same opportunity? There have been instances where reports have been filed. Alas, they were too often ignored.

"Require every gun buyer to get a permit before buying." How about require every citizen or resident be required to obey the law? Those who apply for permits are law-abiding people who are simply enriching the coffers of the area.

"Regulate existing assault weapons." You mean they are not regulated now? And why are they ever in the hands of non-assaulters? (I just made up that word. Nowadays it's the thing to do.) Assault weapons are for assault, to put many holes in the target, so what possible excuse would non-military have for owning them?

A few said "Gun violence is a public health epidemic." Duh. What solution does that statement offer? Just posturing.

Since I have zero power or influence, I can only repeat that this is so disheartening. These candidates all remind me of the song from "My Fair Lady": "Words, words, words, all I hear are words..." – Where is the part that follows? Show me.

Sheila Wagner