Letters to the Editor

After reading several stories this week in the Aiken Standard promoting local Moms Demand Action chapter's  Wear Orange Day in The Alley this past Saturday, I believe a few things need to be exposed about this organization. This is a liberal, anti-gun group run by Democratic activists and is funded by mega-liberal, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Their message to “raise awareness about gun violence and promote gun safety” sounds harmless and innocent but its core purpose is to drastically change gun laws and bring down the NRA strictly for political gain.

Moms Demand Action made recent headlines this past May when they tried to politicize a STEM school shooting vigil in Colorado for a fallen classmate. Instead of honoring the student’s memory, MDA took over the event and started preaching gun control and invited two Democratic Colorado congressmen to attend in order to beat the same drum. Fortunately, many of the students walked out of the “vigil” when they realized this group was trying to capitalize on their pain for political purposes. The students shouted “Mental health” on their way out the door. Maybe MDA supporters should take note: disturbed people are the problem – not guns.

Sure, everyone wants safer schools and to end gun violence but taking away guns is not solving the gun violence problem. This liberal message would be better received in larger, urban areas where democrats have a stronghold and gun violence is a daily occurence instead of smaller, conservative communities where violent crime is rare.

Randy Law