Letters to the Editor

So Sen. Lindsey Grahams performance during the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings were shocking to you Mr. McGaughy. Really? Did you catch Sen. Graham's rebuke of the proceedings in a snippet on CNN or did you fall asleep during the hearings and awake just as Sen. Graham started his own rant? If anything was shocking it was the hatred being spewed by the Democratic members of the committee.

The detestable, degrading, distasteful, disturbing, deplorable and decadent attack on a man with impeccable credentials was succinctly stated by Sen. Graham when he said, "You have come to the wrong town at the wrong time."

The reason for the Democrats' hostility toward Brett Kavanaugh was for one reason and one reason only, their hatred for the duly elected president. After watching hours and hours of what seemed to be the public humiliation and character assassination of a man who's only crime was to be nominated by President Trump, I personally cheered during Sen. Graham's tongue lashing directed at those lacking in common decency and decorum.

The sanctimonious attitude put forward by the Democrats during this circus was led by several who exposed themselves as the hypocrites they truly are. Let's start with Sen. Kamala Harris who's political career was aided by an affair with her mentor. Then add in Sen. Richard Blumenthal who, for political reasons, professed to be a Vietnam veteran when in fact he was assigned to duty in D.C. and Connecticut. Then Sen. Cory Bookern who boldly declared he would release confidential material to the public in defiance of Congressional rules and proclaimed it was his "Spartacus" moment, all the while he knew the material had been released the previous day. Let's not forget Sen. Diane Feinstein who silently sat on the letter from Christine Ford for nearly three weeks in an attempt to prolong the hearings by dropping it in the laps of the Committee at the last possible moment.

For sure Sen. Graham's comments were shocking to some, but his words rang true to some 62 million deplorable's who stood with Kavanaugh during one of the most despicable political theaters in our lifetime. There is one thing I agree with in your letter Mr. McGaughy and that is that Sen. Graham will be re-elected and it will be because he stood up to the hate. This Bud's for you Lindsey.

Randy Millman