Letters to the Editor

This is about something that you and I and every common citizen have no knowledge of or are completely misinformed. Behind closed doors is about what happens in secret without our knowledge or assent. Yet, it is what happens behind closed doors that may impact our lives or, more importantly, the nation.

We were founded as a Republic for, by and of the people but administered by those in high positions. We would be not only naïve but ignorant to think that everyone in a position of authority or influence has our best interest at heart. This is not only true of our elected representatives but also those unelected career officials who decide to misuse their position by advancing their own agenda to the detriment of the state.

We have already seen how we have been misled and deceived about the Russian Collusion narrative. This is not to say that Russia, or other nations form that matter, do not engage in foreign intervention. Afterall, and not to be unpatriotic, they, and others including the United States, have been meddling in foreign affairs long before it had come to our recent attention (as an eye-opener, google “foreign intervention by the U.S.”).

We are still waiting to see the outcome of current Barr-Durham investigations (now termed criminal inquiries) into how certain national domestic agencies and high placed officials in those agencies may have directed their power against our own citizens. We will have to wait for the outcome of those investigations to know the depth of corruption.

Some of these abuses have been so insidious that deceit was used to commandeer and pollute the actions of other organizations. The most serious example of this was the deceit used in the FISA court by officials in the FBI to launch investigations against our citizens. None of these actions would have come to the attention of common citizens had it not been for providence. Yes, it is what happens behind closed doors by unscrupulous people that may cause great harm not only to individuals but to our national principles.

So, you ask, who cares? Well, you should because it is not the way our nation was founded. We are a nation of laws and those in power should live by a code of conduct that serves and advances those laws. We cannot have them pollute things by their treachery and deceit. We must hold them accountable by bringing to light all their abuses and have them suffer the consequences.

Unfortunately, there are those who though espousing the greatest of democratic ideals often abandon them and engage in actions to obscure or deny abuses because it does not serve their purpose. This is simply why many have lost faith in government.

So, what recourse do we have. The only thing that may have far reaching effect is to vote in all elections. But, just casting a vote is not enough. One must use their best efforts to put aside petty biases and to be more discerning about the impact of their vote. And more importantly, to vote not so much to advance one’s personal benefit but that of the commonwealth… whatever that may be.

Pete Palmere