Letters to the Editor

Just a few short weeks ago one could go to any of our chain grocery stores, big box membership stores, or other retail establishments and find toilet paper. At the bigger stores you could choose from multiple brands including the store brand. There was always enough to apparently satisfy the needs of our community going back over the previous weeks, months and years. Presumably if one needed some, one bought some.

Then suddenly it changed. Toilet paper became hard to find. One wondered, has something really bad struck the gastric systems of most people? Are our sewer and septic systems about to be overwhelmed? After some thought, methinks not.

There’s a term for what happened and its simply called hoarding. Such behavior is sometimes rationalized by words such as, “just trying to stock up a bit,” or “never hurts to have a little extra.” Multiplied many times the end result is shortage. At the extreme such shortages are caused by selfishness.

The situation above can also be applied, in general terms, to fresh meat, various types of canned foods, other paper products and the list goes on. My thoughts are just a reminder that some of us should look in the mirror and recite to the image there POGO’s old saying, “We have met the enemy and he is us”. Good citizenship takes many forms.

Tom Tilghman