Letters to the Editor

Elise Fox’s platform of education, economy, environment and ethics is important, with education being the frontrunner for me. Born and raised in Aiken, I am a proud product of S.C. public schools. My wife, a teacher at an S.C. university, experiences first-hand the impacts of reduced state funding on education. We need to do more to fund schools, pay our teachers more and give our children the best opportunity to succeed. But there is something more we ought to be paying attention to when we vote.

As a husband, brother, uncle and father, I want women to be better heard. Aiken has the opportunity to do that. By electing Elise Fox, Aiken will bring a woman’s perspective to shaping the local area and state. Women in S.C. hold just 27 of the 170 legislative seats. I was shocked at the discrepancy. Women hold roughly 1 seat for every 6 that men hold, yet women make up 51.5 percent of the state's population per the 2017 census. Why such a big difference? Women need more voice in our legislature. Won’t we all be better off with more balanced representation?

A vote for Elise Fox for S.C. House of Representatives is a vote for all of us. It is a vote for the women in our lives. As Elise’s brother, I can attest that she will work hard to ensure our children are well educated and to give us all voice in our state government.

Heath Bickford

Rock Hill