Letters to the Editor

With the work drawing to completion on Silver Bluff Road a huge problem remains. The road has been marked with solid double lines which break at street openings. It is illegal to cross a double solid line in a roadway. What has been created is a roadway with no safe legal way possible to make a left-hand turn into Woodside or any of the streets before it that were impacted by the new roadwork.

In order for left-hand turns to be legal, the outer yellow line should have been a solid line and the inner yellow line should have been a broken line. I am pretty sure the police can and will give tickets to persons trying to make a left-hand turn off Silver Bluff into left-hand streets if the driver does so from within the solid yellow lines.

What was accomplished? The only way to make a legal left-hand turn is to now signal your intent to make the turn, stop in the driving lane, holding up the traffic behind you and then make the turn when you have the right of way with no oncoming traffic.

Who made the decision to render Silver Bluff Road even more dangerous than it was before the work began?

Sharon Shields