Letters to the Editor

About 35 years ago I had guests over who weren't from around here. Discussion came up about guns, they acknowledging their fear and dislike. I obtained a gun of mine and laid it on the table between our two families. I then commanded the gun "rise up and shoot someone."

It did not comply. I raised my voice at the gun repeating the command. It still did not comply.

I then had a calm discussion with the gun. It never answered me, nor did it ever comply to my commands. Out of respect for the gun, not having bothered anyone, I returned it to where it slept.

Fast forward to today. It turns out both families were raised to be respectful, hard-working individuals. They were taught "not to be provoked to anger." The values instilled in them provided as a model to raise their own families with that same respect. Now the grandkids are on their way. Whether or not that particular demonstration performed 35 years ago had anything to do with how well they turned out; I'd say it had great impact at the time.

You see, I could have used a knife, a machete, a ice pick, a stick of dynamite, a vial of poison, or even a screwdriver, but we were discussing guns.

Are you seeing a pattern? You readers out there that do not understand this parable, you will never understand what is truly the problem in society. You will remain with those who have no resolution, but provide knee-jerk responses, finger pointing and stoking the fire of anger.

Should one accept blame for their own actions and thought process? Yes. Can one overcome bad influence with good? Yes. The beginning foundation is very important, but in one's everyday life, what one is surrounded with is where they are today. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it evil?

David Williams