Letters to the Editor

Most of the leading Democratic candidates are pushing socialism. This seems to be the battle cry of their party. Free this, free that and hey, how about a free $1,000 a month for doing nothing. First of all, nothing is free. It is a shame many of our younger folks do not understand that. Free college sounds great, but it is not free, someone has to pay for it. Basically, they are pushing for greater expanded government. Bernie’s “Democratic Socialism” implies that you will get to vote for the folks who decide how much you will be taxed and what the money goes to.

Sorry, it does not work that way.

First, increased government generates increased bureaucracy. Think of a pyramid, with the very top being the folks you elected, but the remaining 90% being unelected bureaucrats. Now, there are certainly good folks working for the government, but there are also folks who really do not give a darn about you. So, you want to yield control of your life to these folks? Your medical care? Your benefits? Your income?

Second, democratic socialists point to the Scandinavian countries, or Canada, or Britain as examples of success. Sorry, those may be the barely tolerable examples, but they are caving in to the weight of high taxes and very poor services. Of course, you can look to France and Greece for examples of the weight of socialist policies. Let’s not forget Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and others. What comes with more socialism is more corruption, more bureaucrats, poorer services.

America was built on self-reliance and hard work. Capitalism and ownership are what made us the strongest and most prosperous nation on earth. Do we have problems? Sure. Are corporations greedy? Yep. Is health care tied to the stock market a good thing? Probably not. But, we the consumer can easily bring any corporation to its knees if we wanted to and had the willpower to do so. Once you have government controlling your life it will not be as easy.

Stewart Meyer