Letters to the Editor

By now everyone has read the Aiken Standard editorial and front page report about Bob Brookshire, the Aiken County Republican Party chairman. Brookshire, one of Trump’s little helpers, is calling for all Republicans to vote in the Democratic primary, so as to send the Democrats packing. And, that may very well be the case as the Democrats continue to struggle in selecting a candidate that will represent them in the 2020 election against Trump. But, as Trump says so often, time will tell.

Like Brookshire I have learned more about our political system since Trump’s unbelievable ascent to the presidency. And, due in part to Trump's use of Twitter to inform the world of his intentions, on all manner of things political and otherwise, I have almost become numb to Trump’s Twitter fingers (but I persevere). Brookshire stated that due to his self-education into all matters political he has convinced himself that there is corruption in Washington. And, that the corruption is primarily in the Democratic Party. To that point I have to ask the question, how many of Trump’s protégées are in jail, have been in jail or are awaiting their sentencing? I don’t believe tearing up Trump’s speech would constitute an illegal act, let alone an act of obstruction or conspiring with a foreign country. Brookshire didn’t provide any details on this but I’m sure he could dig some up if he had to.

Moving along, Brookshire said that originally he felt “we Republicans should take the high road and stay out of the Democratic primary,” apparently (maybe the high road was too high) because of the Trump impeachment. Even though Trump is just one of three presidents that have the scarlet asterisk of impeachment after his name, Brookshire decided to forge ahead and call for all his followers to vote in the Democratic primary. Well, I guess Trump will not have to call upon the Russians and the Chinese to stuff the ballot boxes this election. Or maybe not.

I do get a bit confused in considering Brookshire’s statements. On one hand he says that “Trump is going to win in a landslide anyway so why bother voting.” OK, so why bother? But, according to Brookshire, as a republican you should vote in the Democratic primary in order to affect the outcome of the general election in November. And by the way, Brookshire says to “wear an American flag pendant to show you are a proud American.” It may also show that you are a person trying to circumvent the most cherished right that we Americans have in selecting our elected officials since our break with King George.

Don’t allow yourselves to be a minion.

Fred Hoefle