Letters to the Editor

I usually enjoy reading Jack Devine’s columns; he’s an excellent writer, picks topics relevant to today’s issues and always closes with a pro Trump salute. In Mr. DeVine’s Memorial Day writing, he poetically refreshes the Memorial Day we all enjoyed in downtown Aiken, the parades, the school bands, old cars, waving dignitaries and, of course, our veterans. And Mr. Devine is correct that we all could use a respite from the intense and incessant political discord since Trump’s election. Sadly, the tweets will continue, the cover-up will slowly unfold and the respite will not happen any time soon, but, it will happen.

I was disappointed in Mr. Devine’s writing of Aiken’s Memorial Day festivities. Why did he feel the need to add his reference of “Trump-haters?” Did it add something significant for the readers to capture and enjoy? I believe not. Effectively, Mr. Devine spoiled all the goodwill and patriotism he intended to demonstrate in his Memorial Day writing. Perhaps it was some deep seated need within him to continue the vitriol and hate that he previously showed disdain for. Or, was it his effort to speak on the meaning of Memorial Day, but yet, felt compelled to foul it by twisting the knife of division for the Aiken people to linger over. Disappointing.

I believe that instead of calling people “Trump-haters” Mr. Devine should instead call for the full release of the Mueller Report, or at least, Volume 2. We need remember that the truth shall set you free, and we have yet to learn the full truth, but we will.

Fred Hoefle