Election letter

This is an open letter to discuss the support my business has received over the years from Gail Diggs.

I will always remember the very first communication I had with Gail, she had received a complaint from the neighborhood next to our operations center. She could have sent a letter or given me directives of cleaning up, but instead scheduled a meeting with me and the leaders of the neighborhood.

The fact was the leaders had a preconceived opinion of me and were at first a little aggressive with their demands. With Gail's leadership, the meeting was fruitful and the result was with communication we are better stewards of the neighborhood and I have become good friends with the group.

I feel few people would have given up their time for an issue like this but I have seen this behavior from Gail time after time. This is but one example of many that make me appreciate having Gail in her position over these years in business.

I am thankful for Gail's vote of confidence by recommending me to the city's Environmental Committee. This appointment allows me to work on my passion for the environment while adding an entrepreneurial eye to environmentalism.

One last thing that I would want anyone to know about Gail is her ability to work with all people no matter their political leaning or social beliefs. I have always felt respected and valued when working on issues and opportunities.

I hope this letter is a show of confidence that Gail would be a great choice in the upcoming election.

Norman Dunagan

Founder and CEO of Dumpster Depot