Letters to the Editor

Star Parker's column claiming Joe Biden doesn't support America is another example of information that is manipulated to the writer's perspective and that those who are not discerning researchers swallow. Her statement that only 24% of Democrats are very proud of America today should be obvious to her as to why: it's because of what this corrupt administration has done to this country.

She creates misinformation claiming Democrats neither want freedom nor honesty. Seriously? It is precisely what they long for, and something that is desperately missing in the current administration.

Perhaps she is the fortunate 1% in society who benefited from the Trump tax cuts. Lucky her, if so.

The majority in this country did not benefit, and the "booming" economy was already on its way up when Trump inherited it. Until manufacturing is brought back to this country, with the removal of tariffs that hurt American consumers and tax cuts are put in place that actually benefit American workers instead of the CEOs and shareholders (the stock market does not represent Main Street), then this America we are currently experiencing will not be great. It is divisive because of a divisive president.

It is the Democrats, not the GOP in the Senate, who will bring America back to a greater, more fair and inclusive place, along with a Democratic president who is honest, has integrity and empathy for citizens along with a true sense of civic duty, all of which are completely missing from the current self-serving administration.

Sharon Intilli