Letters to the Editor

Richard H. Koblin’s letter of June 20 “GOP has no values [or] ethics” is a condemnation of the Republican Party. This letter is a repudiation of Koblin’s criticism and an analysis of Democratic Party “values and ethics.”

Mr. Koblin begins with a review of the Obama administration’s legislation claiming that Republicans “did their best to block and demagogue against his policies.” Apparently Republicans failed since Obama passed executive orders with little comment from the press. The Trump administration, however, has overturned many Obama policies (allowing American coal manufacturers to compete against China) despite constant outcries from the press.

Koblin accuses Trump of stating ”blatant” lies – listing them at 4,000. (The usual figure is 10,000, compiled by reporters.) Many of these “lies” are simply Trump’s disagreements with Obama opinions. Trump’s problem is not lying but telling the painful truth. He should read Emily Dickinson’s “Tell all the truth but tell it slant/Success in circuit lies” – a warning that flat out truth is often offensive. It follows that one Democratic Party lie is the equivalent of 10,000 Trump “lies.”

This is evident when Speaker Nancy Pelosi tells Americans that our border problems are a “manufactured crisis” – despite what we witness nightly on televised media. Or the outrageous comments of Ocasio Cortez which are beyond mere lies: Her vile comparison of ICE detention centers to Nazi concentration camps or her comment that Central American immigrants are “more American” than American citizens are beyond outrage. Shocking rhetoric like this from AOC or Corey Booker and other highly publicized Democrats are destructive not just for Democrats but also the nation.

Koblin then discusses the Democrat war cry of “election fraud” which comes up when a Democratic candidate loses. If he’s referencing Florida, election problems resulted because many voters arrived at the wrong polling places. In Georgia, despite the biggest turnout of black voters in state history, Stacey Abrams lost. She blames voter fraud and plans to run for president. Let’s hope she runs but on a platform of future vision rather than past accusations of voter fraud.

Most egregious is Koblin’s condemnation of Republicans whom he accuses of telling “misguided stories about ninth-month abortions.” There is little to misquote here. Nationally known Democrats like Andrew Cuomo, D-N.Y., champion nine month abortions and/or baby death panels to determine the infant’s continued viability. In 2019, Democratic rhetoric appears to support abortion rather than birth. One must review the history of ancient Sparta to hear anything similar. The short-lived Spartan civilization practiced infanticide which helped destroy their civilization.

In the 21st century, Democrats have become the party of open borders and abortion. So much for “ethics and values” in the Democratic Party. In comparison, Republican values and ethics are ethical.

James Haviland