Letters to the Editor

The chaos that is going on in cities managed by Democrats such as Seattle, Chicago and New York are but a microcosm of things to come if Democrats should retain the House, attain the Senate and garner the presidency in this coming election. The Democrats already hold sway over the major television news stations and most of the cable news stations. Additionally major print media such as the New York Times and the Washington Post are in their court. Other support includes institutes of higher learning, the entertainment industry and big tech. 

Bernie Sanders was never going to receive the nomination for president from the Democratic Party, but he was successful in moving the party so far left that it is unrecognizable from what it was several years ago. The Democrats in charge of the party do not want to change America, they want to remake it. There is also no room for compromise as evidenced by the rejection of the police reform bill initiated by S.C. senator Tim Scott. I hope that the "silent majority" recognizes the negative changes that could come about if Democrats should prevail in November.

Ed Sabo