Letters to the Editor

I think President Trump's address to the nation on Tuesday was one of the best one, if not the best one. He covered a lot of ground and gave an excellent account of his, and his administration's successes over the last three years.

I was proud of his acknowledging and promoting the last of the Red Tail flyers to general, and the General's salute back to President Trump. It was long overdue. Now there is a man with class and still going at age 100. Interesting that his birthday was stated to be Dec. 7; Pearl Harbor Day. I felt the same about the other people he acknowledged and their importance to this country. All were excellent examples of what America is all about.

What was disheartening to see, was most of the Democrats just sitting there and not acknowledging any of the president's successes. It was a pitiful demonstration of a lack of class and how spoiled, jealous children and "losers" would act. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's tearing up his speech one page at a time shocked me. Where was her decorum? She reminded me of a spoiled little rich kid who didn't get her way with something, so she sulked, pouted and acted with great immaturity. Doesn't she follow any of the rules of conduct in the Congress? As for Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler, their stony look throughout and comments thereafter were more examples of poor taste and bitter acrimony. I pity them.

You know, the Democrats should ask themselves this question: How much greater a country the United States would be had they worked with the president these past three years, rather than against any programs he proposed?

Thanks for letting me blow off some steam here. I love this country and served in the Army for 26 years, with two years in Vietnam. It hurts me to see this country disparaged by people who have never done anything really good in their lives, that they have to put down this country and all it stands for. Pity them.

Richard Wilson