Letters to the Editor

This letter is in reference to Aiken Standard guest column by Gary Bunker in the June 30 edition.

I, like everyone else, fell under the spell of the Capital Projects Sales Tax which was passed overwhelmingly. This tax was touted by everyone as the way to avoid a property tax increase. It was endorsed by Gary Bunker and all County Council members. Well, the County Council started working on the Fiscal Year 2020 budget and what comes up – a proposed property tax increase. The increase would be from 68.5 to 71.6 mills. This proposed increase was opposed by everyone including the Aiken Standard.

At this point Mr. Bunker and the County Council members started scrambling to get out of the pickle they had caused by the proposed increase.

County Council now states there will not be a property tax increase in the Fiscal Year 2020 budget.

That is fine and dandy but the budget still contains a $5 increase to $25 for the county road maintenance and an increase from .60 cents to $1 a month on the 911 landline tariff for telephones.

Let there be no mistake, Mr. Bunker's column was setting you up for future property tax increases. Maybe the next time a vote comes up for CPST – we should vote no.

The Aiken County Council needs to learn to live within its means. Nothing justifies all the taxes and fees they keep throwing at us.

I could tell my employer that I cannot balance my home budget and need a sizable salary increase each and every to cover the difference. That would go over very well.

Do not believe County Council's scare tactics.

Remember, you have been warned of what's to come.

Ronald Lilly