What does it mean when we listen to political wannabe say I'm a real American? Does it mean it's acceptable to attend public events with a gun strapped to your waist or worse concealed. Does it mean you're free to disparage citizens as a less-than-good American if they don't share your views. Does it mean you have the right to call your duly elected leaders communist or socialist wholly-bent on destroying America? I hope I'm wrong on all questions. I emigrated from a country where we enjoyed hunting as much as anyone. But we never felt the need to own multiple quantities of firearms - especially handguns. Then again, we weren't manipulated by a organization like the National Rifle Association - which overtly implies that if you support gun oversight you may be anti-American. We have people spewing negative messages daily over the airwaves encouraging people to take aggressive actions. Sharon Engel advised her fellow Arizonians to consider the Second Amendment if things don't go their way. We are in the midst of a murderess time and if we don't stop and think about where we are headed, any one of us, or someone we love could be a victims. Does one more innocent 9-year-old life have to be taken before we say enough? I'm a proud American and I chose not to own a gun. If I decide to, I'll willingly submit to a thorough background check. It's the least I can do as a good American. Liam McGinley Aiken