Letters to the Editor

Like most of us, I am appalled at the hypocrisy demonstrated in the impeachment proceedings. At the time of his impeachment President Bill Clinton was 49 years old and Monica Lewinsky was 22. We all know the details of their relationship and actions.

I suspect that with today’s #MeToo movement the outcome of that Senate trial might have been different. Clinton was charged with lying under oath (a real crime of which he was obviously guilty) and obstruction of justice. Much is being made by the house managers now that acquitting President Trump would allow him to continue his “unlawful actions.”

I am old enough to remember the Senate majority during Clinton’s trial didn’t seem to be concerned that he might well continue to lie to Congress and the American people, or even worse, use his powerful office to take advantage of young female interns. As a side note my research shows that in the Clinton trial every Democratic Senator voted “not guilty” on the perjury charge.

Joe Shields