Letters to the Editor

Remember the fabled Chicken Little who once reported that the sky was falling? It didn’t happen, of course. So here is the serious concern about climate catastrophe. So far, none of those predicted happened either.

First, let’s look at the historical record of these predictions. Prestigious universities and government officials endorsed all those I reviewed between 1967 and 2014. Since 1967, we have seen at least 23 scientific studies warning of a forthcoming climate catastrophe. Of the 23, nine warned of an ice age and 14 warned of global warming. None occurred.

In 1970, for example science warned of an ice age by 2000. By 1978, there was no end in sight for the 30-year cooling trend. In 1988, a study predicted the Maldive Islands would be underwater by 2018. In 1989, rising sea levels would obliterate nations by 2000. In 2005, a study predicted Manhattan, NYC would be underwater by 2015. In 2014, we were 500 days from climate chaos.

These are but a few examples of a horrible record of climate catastrophe predictions over nearly 50 years. Perhaps it was a good thing back in the day that politicians didn’t heed these warnings.

Today however, we have the Democratic Party turning a prediction for a global warming catastrophe in 12 years into a major talking point in their election campaign. Considering the history, there is serious concern about credibility. They ask us to trust the science, but few would trust an investment adviser who gets his market predictions wrong every time. At the very least, the climate prediction history gives pause to question. It is interesting to note that the present day prediction endorsed by the Democrats comes with a socialist solution that requires citizens to give up freedoms. Healthcare, diet, transportation and housing are just a few examples of issues that have a significant effect on our life choices. In this case, the Democratic Party is proposing to take away or limit choices by linking these issues to climate catastrophe. They want us to believe we must do it their way now or die.

Think what would have happened if our country heeded the warning in 1970 of an ice age coming in 2000. Suppose our politicians enacted legislation to solve the crisis. Think of the taxes, investment in preparations, changes in industry, jobs and housing to name a few. Think of this. The prediction for the 2000 ice age was wrong, but we didn’t realize it until 1988, 18 years later when science came out with the real shocker. We are actually experiencing a global warming. Just imagine the poor folks in 1970 who may have wanted to strike it rich by investing their life savings in the snowshoe industry, only to find out they should have invested in shorts.

An old adage says buyers beware. It’s sound advice, especially when it comes to predictions of climate catastrophe.

Richard Krajewski