Letters to the Editor

I live in Woodside and voted to have the homeowners association take steps to control the deer population, which appears to be steadily increasing. In my opinion, an out-of-control deer population in the confines of Woodside is not good for the deer or the residents.

As was recently pointed out in the Standard, an amendment of the ordinance prohibiting the use of firearms in the city limits needed by Woodside would apply to the entire city. But as I understand it, the amendment would not open up the city to Wild-West shooting. It would require that Woodside, or anyone wanting permission to use firearms in the city, demonstrate that it is warranted and would be carried out in accordance with very stringent city and state safety guidelines. Let's face it, anyone who would ignore a permit requirement also will ignore the current ordinance prohibition. Reference: criminal activity and domestic violence.

If the ordinance is amended, I have complete confidence that the city will issue a permit for the use of firearms only when warranted and as safe as is humanly possible. Such is my trust in city employees and our elected city officials, the latter whom I have found to be more interested in doing a good job for their city than in getting reelected.

Robert Engle