Letters to the Editor

The Aiken City Council is looking forward, and taking steps to make our city an even better place to live. At the Aug. 12 council meeting, the topic of establishing a comprehensive system of bike routes connecting our schools, parks, the downtown and many other points of interest was on the agenda. Five residents spoke in favor of the proposal. The council listened carefully, and after some discussion all attending council members and the mayor voted to pass the item.

This illustrates the commitment the council has to improving our city. Businesses benefit from cities that have a plan that enables people to get to their storefronts by bike. Those people spend money. Those citizens who need or want to ride a bike to get to work benefit from a bicycle friendly city, as does the city itself through higher employment rates. Real estate values are higher where bike routes are convenient. The population is healthier and health care costs go down for healthy people.

Study after study has proven that a city that is friendly to bicycles is friendly to its citizens. A bicycle friendly community has a vibrant downtown. A city that welcomes bikes welcomes families.

Thank you to the council and the mayor for supporting the proposal.

Alan Clark


Aiken Bicycle Advocacy.