Letters to the Editor

In response to Mr. Rustad’s July 31st letter: Early settlers fled England and Scotland to escape religious persecution by whichever king or queen occupied the throne.

It altered between Catholicism and the Church of England. They risked being tortured and put to death for non-compliance.

Religious groups do not pay taxes on their vast properties. They should not be lobbying to mettle in our laws.

Now it’s plain to see why they support Trump, a crazed, power-hungry demagogue. He can be manipulated to appoint their judges and pass their laws all for a large voting bloc.

Once they achieve a total ban on abortion, what’s next on their bucket list?

How many evangelical moles are still in the West Wing?

My father was a Presbyterian minister for 45 years. He taught that it’s separation of church and state. Period.

Becky Johnson