Recently it was stated that the tea party stood for limited government. This does not reflect in how they are voting in the Republican primaries and caucuses. They vote in high numbers for Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich. Santorum has a horrific record of overspending while in Congress and in the Senate. He was caught recently on video being asked how his spending lined up with limited government. He replied if you want limited government, vote for Ron Paul. Newt Gingrich's fiscal plan would increase our deficit the most according to findings of a bi-partisan committee. Mitt Romney, who has criticized Santorum for raising the debt ceiling five times, was asked by Wolf Blitzer, if that meant he wouldn't raise it. Romney said he would raise, it but with spending cuts. Congress couldn't agree on cuts this past summer and our credit rating dropped. We spend about 18 percent of what we take in on interest on the national debt. At the rate we are going the interest will soon exceed what we take in. Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and Obama think we can grow our way out of this problem. Our rate of growth is at 2 percent. We have lost our manufacturing base. Many jobs created now are lower paying. Taxpayers just can't keep up with the government's spending. We are probably going to have four more years of big government and big spending. So what has happened to the tea party? It looks like the Republican Party just absorbed them and brought them in line with their way of thinking. Gary Daniel Aiken