Letters to the Editor

Bureaucrats kill people and destroy property and the environment through inaction and indifference. Explosions, deaths, fires, environmental disasters and hundreds of billions of dollars in lost taxes just do not matter to government officials. Over the past eight years numerous government agencies have been informed of opportunities to stop disastrous conditions in our country, but bureaucrats to do nothing.

The National Science Foundation could not see any profitability in stopping $13 billion a year in U.S. water main breaks, and communications with the NSF were consequently stopped. Even my hometown of Aiken agreed to further discussions to stop ongoing Aiken water main breaks, but the mayor and his staff now stonewall all correspondence. Aiken water main breaks continue, similar to worldwide water main breaks. The costs of U.S. water main breaks in cities like Aiken are expected to exceed $1 trillion in the next 25 years. In North America alone, more than 250,000 U.S. water main breaks per year can be stopped!

Finally, the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (part of the Department of Transportation) refuses to consider the common cause of gas and oil pipeline explosions that continue to kill people across the U.S. The PHMSA suggested that this national emergency situation be considered at some unknown later date, which is tantamount to saying, “Worry about it later, let people die until we get around to it”. Oil and gas pipeline explosions can be stopped. Deaths can be stopped.

To prove these conclusions, I have performed part-time volunteer research for more than 20 years at a personal cost of more than $30,000, and I have voluntarily worked full time for the past three years at an additional personal cost of more than $100,000 to complete research to date. Bureaucrats apparently believe that if they ignore a problem, they are not responsible. Although I weary of government bureaucrats, I continue this research despite the indifference and incompetence of those government bureaucrats – I keep moving forward to save life. In response to their indifference, let me quote Chumbawamba lyrics, “I get knocked down, I get up again you’re never gonna keep me down.”

This explosive one-man research proves that these events share a common, preventable cause, where complicated relationships connect system designs to explosions and piping ruptures. These interrelated causes of disasters are described by the Leishear Stress Theory for piping ruptures and the Leishear Explosion Theory for pipeline and nuclear power plant explosions. However, I cannot stop explosions and pipeline ruptures alone. Government cooperation is required to stop these disastrous events that are called accidents, even though these tragedies are not accidents at all since deliberate decisions perpetuate these disasters. I do not understand bureaucrat inaction and indifference that kills and destroys. This explosive wave of catastrophic destruction and death can be stopped.

Robert A. Leishear