Election letter

We are fortunate to have an exceptional candidate in District 3 for City Council – Kay Brohl. During the 20 years I have known Kay, she generously volunteered considerable time and talents to a wide variety of organizations with the common thread of the betterment of our community. Service to others through organizations such as Aiken Regional Medical Centers, Family and Marriage Coalition, G.E.M.(Guide, Educate, Mentor) Program at Aiken High, and Aiken Women's Heart Board and serving as a City of Aiken Planning commissioner and on the Aiken City/County Planning Commission Overlay District Committee to name just a few, gives her insight, knowledge and an appreciation of the nuanced issues that she would face during service on city council.

While her experience is significant, her demeanor and character make her a truly exceptional candidate. I have always known Kay Brohl to be thoughtful and discerning when discussing issues and when confronted with opinions differing from her own. She respectfully considers opinions of others which is very welcome in the current climate of shortsighted rigidity.

I believe Kay Brohl's platform focusing on Public Safety and planning financially and operationally for the repair of our city's rapidly deteriorating infrastructure addresses the truly important issues facing our city. Additionally, her focus on the importance of attracting both a younger demographic and the jobs that will keep them living in Aiken seeks the continued viability and vibrance of our community. Elect an exceptional candidate for city council – vote for Kay Brohl on Aug. 13.

Janet Wertz