Election letter

I have lived in the city of Aiken most of my life and have always felt safe here. I appreciate all the efforts of our Public Safety and Sheriff's Department. However, a little over a week ago a man was shot about a block from my house in a drive-by shooting.

I sit at that stop light several times a day. I do not want to live in fear but when I read stories like this it is hard not to be concerned. Action is necessary to make sure our police force has the resources and the officers needed to keep our citizens safe. City Council influences and votes on budgets that either fund Public Safety or strangle it. We lose trained officers to other forces continually because of the low pay.

This is not only expensive for our city that has to pay for this training but it also jeopardizes citizen safety. We must elect city council members who are advocates for Public Safety. This is why I am supporting Kay Biermann Brohl for District 3.

Kay has lived in Aiken for many years and understands the dynamics of our beautiful city. She will advocate for meeting the needs of our police and fire departments which will keep all of us safer. I hope you will join me in supporting Kay Biermann Brohl for City Council District 3 on Aug. 13.

Kathryn Wade