Election letter

At a time when experience and knowledge are needed, the people of District 3 can cast their vote on Aug. 13 for the right person for City Council to guide our city and all of us to greater heights. Kay Biermann Brohl is that person.

She has been an active member of our community for over 30 years, and I have known her for all of those years. She has shown her dedication to our city and its residents by serving on boards and committees covering a broad range of concerns: children, churches, affordable medical care, fighting cancer, ethics, planning strategies and zoning issues for Aiken to name just a few.

She is reflective, does her homework and speaks her mind – gently – or not if needed. I have particularly liked her campaign phrase: “We need a vision, not just an agenda.” I know she worries greatly about our personal safety and having a city that is welcoming to young families by offering affordable housing, recreational opportunities and jobs.

Please vote for Kay Brohl for City Councilwoman District 3. She is the most qualified candidate.

Craig Rich