Letters to the Editor

Would the Betsy Ross flag shoe controversy have happened if Colin Kaepernick had done a little research and found out that Betsy Ross was an abolitionist long before the Revolutionary War. When the colonists were struggling, she wanted to make a flag to inspire and unite the home front. And if he visited Betsy Ross’s home and shop in Philadelphia as I have, he would not find a trace of racism. When the flag wonderfully finished, slavery was the last thing on Betsy’s mind when she admired the 13th star.

The Founding Fathers put their lives on the line – literally – their family's and wealth at risk. They founded an unprecedented republic that has never been equaled before or after. It had flaws, the worst being slavery. Slavery was terrible but it was legal. Two generations into our Union, the Union dissolved over slavery, tore itself apart and came out a much better country and slaves were emancipated.

One hundred seventy years later we are still fighting a war; the War of Political Correctness. When and where does this war end?

Do we banish the Bible because so many cultures had slavery?

Do we burn all American flags and artifacts resembling 13 stripes because that reminds someone of slavery?

Do we level half of Mount Rushmore because George Washington and Thomas Jefferson legally owned slaves?

The irony is where but America could Kaepernick become a millionaire celebrity.

The sacrificing, generous, tolerant Founding Fathers are turning the other cheek over this insult. Betsy Ross has rolled over to think her 13 stars are equated with slavery.

Nike in the meantime is laughing all the way to the bank. They have demonstrated twice that the dollars are more important than patriotism or integrity.

The only language they understand starts with dollar signs.

A boycott of Nike is a vote for the love of America.

Raymond Hese