Letters to the Editor

I have read a few letters to the editor regarding the impeachment and that Donald Trump should allow any witness the Democrats want. After all, if he is innocent, why not? That is what the letter writers all say. They never mention that for the House impeachment, Republican witnesses were not allowed nor were Republicans allowed to ask certain questions. The Republicans were squelched, plain and simple. If you cared about fairness and honesty, where were you letter writers then? Of course, if you hate Trump, as you do, you see nothing wrong with the lack of fairness.

I have done enough independent research and reading to come to the conclusion that Joe Biden and his son are knee deep in corruption. I don’t care if he is running for president. When you threaten Ukraine publicly, and on video, that you are going to see to it that $1 billion in aid will be withheld unless you fire a particular prosecutor, that is quid pro quo and meddling with another nation.

When the target of the prosecutor is the company where your son has a do-nothing, highly paid job, that is corruption.

I see no problem, none, with Trump asking the country, one that is supposed to be reforming its corruption, to look into that corruption. The fact that it has to do with Joe Biden matters not. I do not make the leap from looking into his corruption as election interference. What Joe Biden did was corruption, plain and simple, and a lot more obvious than anything Trump is being accused of. As I watch Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler bloviate, I realize that they are the real cover up, and the whole impeachment is a farce.

Stewart Meyer