Letters to the Editor

The three column article on the president's announcement of a second term political run was written by the Associated Press and published by the Aiken Standard on June 19. It was so lopsided that it makes me wonder if your editorial staff ever reads the article before printing.

If anyone watched the TV presentation there was far more valuable information presented regarding the administration's accomplishments over the past two-and-a-half years. The speech was most enlightening to the general public who watched the speech because the media has done little, if anything, to publish the many accomplishments benefiting Americans.

Yes, the president did throw a few barbs at the fake press and did remind people of the Hillary Clinton scam. But the time during the speech about these two subjects was small compared to the greater information presented to the public.

Hence, the question still prevails about the Aiken Standard just printing the biased Associated Press article about the speech. It further amplifies my concerns that the media is not objective in reporting events and facts.

A. Budnick