Letters to the Editor

City Council will be voting on a plastic ban in the near future. Whether the ban is just on plastic bags or a ban on bags, straws and styrofoam is still uncertain. Either of these positions would certainly be beneficial to Aiken in multiple ways.

First, plastic bags clog up storm drains. Aiken has just recently suffered from road closures because of drainage issues. Repairing these congested drains will cost thousands of dollars. In the long run, it will be much easier to pass a ban on these detrimental products. Plastics aren’t just harming our living areas. They are also deteriorating natural habitats. An average of 100,000 sea creatures die each year from plastics. Not to mention, even the inhabitants of the sea that do not suffer from plastic pollution still ingest microplastics daily. In addition, the fish that we eat more often than not, have ingested microplastics. Plastic will not break down in a fish’s lifetime. That means that the plastics are stuck in their bodies. When we eat these fish, we too are digesting plastics.

Please support Aiken’s ban on plastics. If you would like to help, email your council member, send letters to the newspaper (like this one), or even come to a City Council. Everything that the people of Aiken are doing for this cause is helping push the ban forward.

Caroline Johnston