Letters to the Editor

On Aug. 10, a couple with their 11-year-old daughter were walking on Laurens Street in the early evening. A couple of teenagers executed the father after knocking over the daughter.

This was not a robbery attempt.

This crime got rolled into the other shootings reported that week and therefore was probably forgotten by most Aiken Standard readers. Of course that was the intent; (have to worry about Aiken's image). I would like to see the Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary dig deep into this overall crime problem and come up with a plan of action. Business owners certainly have a selfish interest in customer safety. One starting point is police training and pay scale; I have been told that there is a turnover problem. That would be an easy problem to fix. Other issues such as guns in the hands of teenagers plus gangs and drugs not so easy, but at least it should be addressed by groups that can bring about change.

Richard Marvel