Letters to the Editor

I found it ironic that Jack DeVine’s recent Last Straw column from Aug. 7 started with the statement “Here we go again.” That statement rang a bell with me as one of Ronald Reagan’s famous quips throughout his presidency.

After reading DeVine’s column, I’m beginning to feel that DeVine will go to any length or use any excuse to lend support to, or deflect from, the irrational views of President Trump. DeVine would have us believe that Elijah Cummings, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, caused Trump to “snap” over the rough treatment he gave to Kevin McAleenan, acting Secretary of Homeland Security. McAleenan did in fact receive Cumming’s anger due to the conditions at the immigrant detention centers. Trump, and by extension DeVine, would rather blame Cummings because there are rats in Baltimore. I’m guessing that there are probably more than a few rats in Washington, D.C. as well.

No doubt there will be more last straws from both Trump and DeVine as the Democrats continue to unfold their investigations and slowly build their case for impeachment. More Democratic House representatives are lending their support to the impeachment effort as details of the Mueller probe are exposed.

With 31 dead and 53 injured, in the wake of the El Paso and Dayton shootings, Trump and Mitch McConnell will no doubt continue to slow walk their talk about expanding gun background checks as they have done in the past. McConnell has refused to call the Senate back from vacation to address this issue even though there are bills currently filled that could be considered. Our South Carolina Representative Jim Clyburn, has filled H.R. 112, known as the Charleston Loophole Bill, that would expand the number of days for background checks to be completed before a gun purchase can be completed. This expanded background check could have prevented Dylann Roof from purchasing the gun he used to kill nine parishioners in Charleston’s Mother Emanuel Church.

Of course, the NRA is opposed to any kind of universal background check, let alone any type of gun control measures. After the Parkland shootings, Trump seemed to stand up to the NRA at first and appeared open to expanding background checks, but acquiesced under their pressure and suggested arming teachers instead.

Trump then told the NRA members their “Second Amendment rights were under siege.” However, for the first time the NRA was outspent by the gun rights groups in the 2018 elections and the Democrats took control of the House. The big question is, will Trump defy the NRA in the wake of El Paso and Dayton killings, and so something meaningful? Needless to say, there is no one solution that will mitigate the mass killings ongoing throughout our country. But something needs/must be done to correct this terrible stain within our country. 

Perhaps, we as citizens will help to come up with some decisions during this November 2020 election.

Fred Hoefle