Letters to the Editor

My parents are Elma and Edwin DuBose. February is a very special month for them. This year, Elma celebrates her 90th birthday on Feb. 7, And on Feb. 16, they will celebrate their 67th wedding anniversary. What an achievement!

Both Elma and Edwin were born during the Depression. Both of them were introduced to hard work and saving for the future at an early age. And those values are still with them today, even though both of them are now retired.

Both of them have seen a lot of changes in their lives. I remember them telling me of having their first automobiles. I remember when they got a television set and when they purchased their home with an indoor bathroom. And I remember them working hard in the cotton mill at Graniteville Company to provide a home, food, clothing and an education for me and my brother Eddie.

I remember them teaching me that if I wanted to purchase something I needed to first save the money to pay for it. I remember them teaching me to consider all my options before making a decision. I remember them teaching me that you join the church because you want God in your life and not just because all the kids are getting baptized.

I remember them teaching me the Golden Rule and the 10 Commandments. I remember them teaching me that in order to get a good job you had to get a good education. I remember them teaching me that what I do and how I treat others is a signature of my self worth.

And most importantly, I remember that they raised me. They were personally involved with their children. We spent family vacations together, mostly at the mountains, but occasionally at the beach, every summer when the mill was closed for the Fourth of July. I remember all of us going to family reunions and family dinners and cookouts. They believed that if their children weren’t invited, then they didn’t need to go.

I am very proud of these two people and for the successes they have made in their lives and for the examples they have set before me. I am extremely blessed to have them in my life. They are my parents and they are the perfect parents for me.

I love you, MaMa and Daddy.

Carolyn Price